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Technical Specfications


Creativity and passion together with a strict method are the ingredient chosen by our entire production department, which is located in Gujrat, Pakistan. National Furnishers is one of the leading furniture manufacturers of Pakistan. Our production facilities have the capacity of producing furniture worth USD 10 million every year.

Over 600 highly Skilled workers

The Factory is equipped with the latest imported machinery from Germany and Italy. Our Italian vacuum dryer for wood seasoning (Kiln drawing) is the first machine of its kind in Pakistan.

At National Furnishers labour is very energetic, hard working and experienced.

Under the leadership of chief Executive Amjad Farooq, Director Luqman Amjad and Managing Director Rizwan Amjad, Over 600 highly skilled workers and well qualified staff are engaged in production processes.

Endless hard work in hand carving

At National Furnishers, Directors, Managers, Foremen, Supervisor and workers all work in a very friendly and pleasant atmosphere. infect everyone feels like the member of a big happy family.

Wood & Technology

(The Strength of great Industrial Group)

The Process of selecting the different varieties of wood, abies, ash, shesham, walnut and beech, is portrayed with an extreme care. those raw materials undergo several wood working processes which our experts carry out through the help of pantographs.

Transformation & Shaping

After purchasing wood or its raw material, it cut into final shapes. All process of our production follow and respect coupling, assemblingand identification rules.


if details are important it’s because they have found there most appropriate place. the accessories have to be functional and at the same time, being able to entertain and fulfil your day to day life.

Upholstery (Fabric) Design and cutting

The Leather and fabric coverings are purchased as raw material from selected providers, undergo quality controls and are then marked and designed. After selection cut them properly as per requirement of order.

List of Machinery

  • Vacuum Dryer for Wood Seasoning.
  • Trolley Machine Heavy Log Cutting.
  • Band Saw.
  • Cross Cutter C.C. 008F.
  • Planners .0024.
  • Planners .0021.
  • Thicknesses T.0024.
  • Thicknesses T.0021.
  • Spindle Molding machine, High Speed with feeder Machine.
  • Copying Lathe Machine Tonio Cop/atto. Mod 4M165.
  • Pantography Machine, Pam to grafo scalp tore multiple mod./s-cp.
  • Chizal Machine, high speed vertical.
  • Chain Chizal.
  • Single end Tenoning Machine.
  • Double end Tenoning Machine.
  • Three side Planer.
  • High speed Router Machine vertical.
  • Tool grinder.
  • Dovetailing Machine.
  • Bladder Grinder.
  • Blade Sharpener Band Saw.
  • Piston and Screw Compressor.
  • Airless Compressor.
  • Electric Generators.
  • Edge Cutter.
  • Electric wench machine for log pulling.
  • Sanding machine.
  • Embossing Press.
  • Veneer cutter (gelatin) machine.
  • Double spindle machine.